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Japanese Garden

Wellness Offerings

We believe in a holistic approach to providing services, catering not only to children but also to parents, caregivers, and families. Our Wellness Department offers a range of holistic practices.

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Clinical  Herbalism & Holistic Lifestyle Counseling

  • Health history intake

  • Customized herbal and supplemental protocol

  • Holistic lifestyle recommendations

  • Recipes and Resources for Families

  • Grocery Swap: Healthier alternatives

  • Kitchen Clean-out: Reading ingredient labels

Sound Massage Menu

In a sound massage session, the bowls are placed on the body and struck gently with a soft mallet. Up to

3 bowls may be placed on the body simultaneously, and when stuck, the client can feel the vibrations

traveling through their body. Each bowl has a frequency that corresponds with a different part of the body and will be played accordingly.

  • 30-minute Sound Massage 

  • 60-minute Sound Massage

Sound Bath Menu

​In a sound bath session, authentic Tibetan bowls are played in the client's energy field and are moved around the body. All sound healing sessions include a wellness check-in and opportunity to set intentions and are followed by a debrief and opportunity to process the experience.

  • 15-minute Anxiety Reset

  • 30-minute Sound Bath 

  • 45-minute Sound Bath

  • Family Sound Baths

  • Group Sound Baths


Reiki sessions involve the smoothing, clearing, and energizing/relaxing of the energetic field and the balancing of chakras. All Reiki Sessions include a, brief check-in to set intentions for the session, Reiki/energy healing, and space to process the experience.

  • 15-minute Reiki Reset

  • 30-minute Reiki Session

  • 60-minute Reiki Session

  • Add Tibetan bowls to any reiki session for additional fee

For more information and to recieve a full list of menus and pricing, reach out to are wellness team

Rabia Jones

Clinical Herbalist & Holistic Lifestyle Counselor
Click here to contact Rabia

Gabby Van Hollander,
Integrative Sound Healer & Reiki Practitioner
Click here to contact Gabby


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