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I love to use books in therapy and I am proud of my therapeutic library. Over the years, many people would ask me for book suggestions. What's the best book for divorce? What's the best book for anxiety? What's the best book for anger? Well, I finally published this book to answer all of these questions. This resource book was a passion project filled with over 50 content-rich pages of recommended books to use in bibliotherapy broken into categories, a list of suggested supplies for each category, creative interventions, and more.


Book: Casey's Greatness Wings

Greatness sticks

Greatness Sticks

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Greatness Cards

PESI Online Play Therapy  Course
Play Therapy: Attachment-based inteventi
Play Therapy for Young Children
Upbility Play Therapy Course .png
PESI Tele-Play Therapy
PESI Play Therapy Summit


PESI, Inc, Tele-Play Therapy During a Pandemic

Business Talk Radio: Tele-Play Therapy Sessions


The Power of Greatness Sticks" featured in Liana Lowenstein's

Finding Teachable Lessons in Everything We Do


5 Reasons Good Cop/Bad Cop Parenting Does Not Work 11/04/14


10 Life hacks for kids who are scared of the dark


2014 Get lost: How over reliance on digital maps could lead us mentally astray

45 Simple Ways to Be a Great Parent (I'm quoted in tip 37)


2014: Liana Lowenstein Featured Technique: Red Light/Green Light Activity


December 13, 2013: Preschoology - Through the Lens of a Play Therapist: Case Studies with Tammi Van Hollander, LCSW, RPT


Contributor of Chapter: Counter- Conditioning Fears: The Therapeutic Powers of Play: 20 Core Agents of Change, 2nd Edition in collaboration with the top play therapists in the world.


March 2013 Child Therapy Toys published my Mancala Feelings Stones intervention on their blog;  Play & Child Therapy Blog sponsored by


February 5, 2013: Play Therapy Rocks: Guest Blogger/ St. Louis Center for Play Therapy Training


September 2012: Play Therapy Magazine: Volume 7, Issue 3  A Quest for Home: A Powerful Theme in Play Therapy, co-authored by Tammi Van Hollander, LCSW, RPT and David A. Crenshaw, PhD, ABPP, RPT-S. 


2011: Tammi’s creative interventions have been published in Liana Lowenstein’s book Assessment and Treatment Activities for Children, Adolescents, and Families VOLUME 3: Practitioners Share Their Most Effective Techniques


2011: Dr. Lowenstein has also published Tammi’s article “How to Play with your Child” as a parent resource for her website and to be included in her ebook.


2011: Tammi contributed two videos to Fun and Function’s Special Needs E-Guide Managing Transitions and Special Needs: Parents' e-Guide


On November 8, 2011 - Fun and Function interviewed Tammi as The Featured Professional focusing on children with special needs. 


Featured in Metrokids: Therapists Use Play to Heal Hidden Hurts by Holly Swanson, Published in  MetroKids and Special Kids editions

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