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I really enjoyed your training. You took us on a sandtray journey and guided us through theory, the mechanics of what is needed, practical examples and thru the experience itself. You taught us without judgment and watched over us like a guardian angel to ensure that we were all safe thru our own experiential practice in the sandtray. Your warmth and passion transcended the Zoom platform!  ~Cindy Endredy, LCSW


What an amazing experience! I signed up for this training because I knew I needed more knowledge to ethically use sandtray in the therapy space without causing harm. I knew how powerful and intense sandtray can get and I wanted to make sure I was prepared. I knew Tammi is an incredible person and has extensive knowledge in this field so I chose her course. The training was amazing. The size was kept small and intimate. By the end of the 2 days I felt like we all knew each other. It was interactive and completely kept my attention. I left the training with knowledge, tools, and feeling equipped to do sandtray. The following week at work I immediately began to put what I had learned into place using the sand. However, more impactful for me were the experiential experiences. I had expected to grow in my professional growth, but through experiential experiences, witnessing, and the sacred space that Tammi is so skilled at holding I had incredible personal growth I never imagined I would experience in this training. I have done many sandtrays of my own, and through this training I had a major breakthrough in one of my experiential trays I will never forget. This training was special, Sandtray is special, Tammi Van Hollander is special and if you are able to take this highly recommend it. Kelly Pullen,  M.A.,LPC-S Clinical Supervisor

Sacremento Play Therapy Training
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bubble tennis israel workshop

  • We Are All In This Together: Self Care, Parenting, & Play Therapy in a Pandemic 

  • Integrating The Nurtured Heart Approach® & Play Therapy

  • Telehealth and Play Therapy.  

  • The Healing Power of Sand Therapy in a School Setting

  • Intro to Sandtray                      

  • 5 Day Attachment -Based Play Therapy Retreat 

  • 3 Day Nature -Based Play Therapy Retreat    

  • The Healing Power of Stones: Interventions that Rock

  • Integrating Bibliotherapy & Play Therapy

  • Integrating Play Therapy & Mindfulness

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