Tele - Play Therapy

These are uncertain times, so more than ever we need to work together to protect you and your child’s mental health. Social distancing is a great way to slow the outbreak of COVID-19 so our health system does not become overwhelmed. Social distancing and self-quarantining mean limiting person-to-person contact, which is why schools and large gatherings are being shut down. This can feel frightening to us and our children, but there are ways to be pro-active and safe, without succumbing to panic. 



Providing your child with routine and structure will help reduce anxiety over the sudden changes taking place. While everything is a bit surreal and unknown, we can make a bit of safe space for children. .


What is needed for a telehealth session? 

I have two HIPPA compliant platforms, Zoom or If using Zoom, I will send you a link, but it needs to be downloaded. I like Zoom b/c you can also share a screen if I want to share a video or website.  


You will need wifi and privacy. If other family members (i.e., siblings, grandparents, etc.) will be present, you will need to email me the authorization provided below.  For the actual session, a computer or tablet works better than a phone because it can be sat on a table where we can work together. However, a phone will work. The children I have treated via telehealth have been excited to show me their room and toys, show me where they place their special things they made in the playroom or show me their special chillout corner. They also love to introduce me to family members I have never met before. 


Some kids are excited and spend the first session showing me around; others are shy and need a parent to get started. This is a wonderful time to get the entire family involved or for me to facilitate that special time with young your child. Some kids will want to talk to me in private, like their bedroom; others will want and/or need you to sit with them. There is no right or wrong way as we make our way through this. However, I will need your help to make this work. This can be an incredible bonding experience for you, your child, and your family. 


Some ideas:

  • Parent consultation and training can be done. You can finally ask me all the questions you’ve had that you never remember until after you’ve left the office, 


  • I will read books that are relevant to your child’s needs.

  • We can play various games, have teddy bear picnic, feelings charades and so much more.It's time to celebrate creativity and flexibility.


  • If you have play dough, I have play dough. If you have Legos, I have Legos. Your child and I can build things together as we talk, like what could we build to show how it feels to be worried?


  • If you have art supplies, we can adjust our cameras so we can see each other coloring and share our work together. I love mandalas and they can spend some of that time coloring and listening to music while practicing other mindfulness techniques.

In stressful times, kids needs the tools to play out what is happening in their world. This should be a time your child will look back on as opportunities of play and bonding. Reach out, so your memories is not one of power struggles, high anxiety for the family and burnout. I'm here to help. Make the best of this time to stay at home and celebrate your precious children.


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