I love to use books in therapy and I am proud of my therapeutic library. Over the years, many people would ask me for book suggestions. What's the best book for divorce? What's the best book for anxiety? What's the best book for anger? Well, I finally published this book to answer all of these questions. This resource book was a passion project filled with over 50 content-rich pages of recommended books to use in bibliotherapy broken into categories, a list of suggested supplies for each category, creative interventions, and more.


Books and play offer safety, grounding, connection, and a feeling of mastery, in clinical, educational, and home settings. Books are a beautiful way to connect and learn more about the children and families you work with. This includes the books that children may share with you and the ones you may share with them! Even the smallest of children are mesmerized by books...only wanting more!


Most of the books listed in this resource are for ages 4-10, but can be read at any age. If the book is too long (or too short), improvise and summarize! These books will take you on magical adventures through stories that hold significant symbolism and metaphors.


Over 50-pages of content-rich information, where Tammi shares some of her favorite books and playful, creative interventions inspired by them. These could be done through art, clay, sand tray, the dollhouse, puppets, LEGO®s, music…whatever the child leads you to!

A Resource of Children's Books & Interventions for Bibliotherapy E-Book