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Children speak the language of play and the toys are their words. When children use play and creative arts therapies, they are able to create a safe psychological distance from their problems and work out what is troubling them. Through play and other creative arts modalities, like sandtray therapy, art, music and attachment-based play therapy interventions, children and families can heal in a safe space. Play Therapy is the most developmentally appropriate modality for children that:

  • Strengthens relationships

  • Elevates self-esteem

  • Offers a safe space to work out challenges and problem solve them effectively

  • Develops new and creative solutions to problems

  • Cultivates empathy and raises self esteem.

Play Therapy is most effective for children ages 3-10 and other creative arts modalities are used for older children.

Telehealth/Tele-Play Therapy


We have been amazed at the creativity and healing that has occurred during tele-play therapy sessions. Kids are naturally drawn to computers and they love showing their favorite toys and introducing us to their pets. Remember: Telehealth does not mean sitting still. Children are sensory learners, so these sessions can be very active. We have really enjoyed doing family work online and seeing parents and children laugh, strengthen their relationships, and witness children decrease anxiety and build resilience.

fun family on computer

Sand Therapy

Sandtray therapy is a powerful tool for working with children, adults, couples, & families. Sand therapy offers a safe psychological distance from problems. It is a full sensory experience that connects the conscious and unconscious mind. Through the creation of sand trays - clients can go deeper into the healing process and find the inner resources to overcome obstacles.


Digital Play Therapy™

Digital Play TherapyTM is a modality that utilizes highly motivating, immersive activities to incorporate the therapeutic powers of play into the play therapy process to deepen relationships, gain mastery and skill development, psycho-education, mindfulness, decrease anxiety and so much more. Video games may provide an opportunity for exploring important themes in a child’s life, in addition to traditional play therapy. Tammi has been trained in immersive VR and Play Therapy with the top leader in the field, Dr. Jessica Stone. Dr. Stone is the creator of the Virtual Sandtray App and her work in the field is groundbreaking. 

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