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Mother and Daughter Love
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"My phone consultation with Tammi was very helpful.  We talked through several issues that have concerned me about my son for a while now. Tammi helped me to articulate the problems and provided me with tips, ideas and resources that I can use to start helping him at home.  Tammi is compassionate, thoughtful and reassuring – exactly what a parent needs during tough times. She will be my “go-to” person from now on, even though we are separated by 150 miles!" ~Jennifer

Parent Coaching

With over 20 years of clinical experience (and 23 years as a parent) , Tammi has provided coaching to parents all over the world. She uses NHA® and relational neuroscience as a framework for parents, teachers and other professionals on the child's team to be on the same page. Parenting provides many challenges and you may not know where to turn. Power struggles are exhausting and watching your child struggle with life stressors is painful. Tammi provides parents with the skills to enhance their relationship with their children and help them understand the underlying issues that are creating these struggles. All behaviors have a meaning and it is my job to help parents learn what is going on with their child. Most importantly, Tammi helps parents become self-aware of their reactions, take a pause, and reset so they can reframe their lens of their children and recognize so much more is going right than wrong. 

Getting Started


1) Call 610-642-1144 or email Tammi to set up your consult. We will then set up an appointment for a 50-minute call. I will send you instructions for a Zoom call.


2) You will then get a confirmation email with instructions.


3)  We will schedule a “meeting” with your time zone in mind so that it’s convenient for you. You will have the option to speak by phone, Skype or Zoom meeting.


We look forward to speaking with you and guiding you on this wonderful, yet challenging journey we call parenthood.

Parent sessions are currently only being scheduled online at this time, but I look forward doing in person again in the near future.

Get in Touch
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