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The Nurtured Heart Approach© 

Online Webinar for parents, teacher, and professionals

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Building Children's Success and Celebrating Greatness


The Nurtured Heart Approach® (NHA), is a highly acclaimed social-emotional strategy that strengthens relationships among family members, couples, schools, facilities, and workplaces by the intentional direction of emotional energy. NHA is particularly effective when working with intense/challenging behaviors and personalities. This approach can be used for any child, family, classroom or community setting. For more information about this approach go Children's Success Foundation.


If you are looking for parenting workshops in your school or teacher trainings, this approach will give you a new outlook on how to enhance and celebrate the greatness of children and most importantly how to not get energized by negativity. It is a game changer for individuals, parents and teachers.















Introductory Workshops for Parents, Cargivers,Teachers, & Professionals Working with Children in the Community

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Tammi's presents with a positive attitude that is contagious.  She has a clear message that we need to create relationships with the children in our classrooms by recognizing them for greatness rather than by punishing them for shortcomings.  Tammi gives teachers the tools to be successful in their classrooms.  

Rabbi Reuven Rosen, third grade teacher

“Within every child, there is a universe of greatness, waiting to be discovered”

Tammi’s workshop gave me the tools to recognize and bring out the greatness in every child. Her presentation was not only interesting but was filled with strategies that were both simple and easily used in my  classroom the very next day. The change I saw in my students after using these strategies was somewhat of a miracle! I was so lucky to have had the opportunity to learn from Tammi how to have a life-changing positive affect on my students lives.

Rookie Badouch, fourth grade teacher

I just want to thank you again for the workshop. I was left with a deep and profound gratitude for my kids. I used several of the techniques already and I'm working to keep this positve energy going.

Dr. Jodi Schwartz-Levy


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