FirstPlay® Kinesthetic Storytelling®, also known as “BACK Stories” (stories that can be told on a child’s back) is designed for children ages pre-school to six years. I will use the FirstPlay®Parent Instructional Guide© to teach, direct and supervise parents & caretakers how to draw and tell The Magic Rainbow Hug© and other stories on their children’s backs.

This play therapy model enhances parent and child bonding and attachment through the avenue of respectful and caring touch. In FirstPlay® sessions I will demonstrate the storytelling movements on a back of a large stuffed animal (for example) while the parents/ caregiver simultaneously practice the techniques on their children’s back.

Dr. Janet Courtney is the founder of FirstPlay® and author of The Magic Rainbow Hug©.  Check out her TedTalk on

 The Curative Touch of a Magic Rainbow Hug

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