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Casey’s Greatness Wings:

Teaching Mindfulness Connection, & Courage to Children

Casey's Greatness Wings

Heading 4

Casey Greatness Wings is a playful, interactive story that can be told on the child's back. This is a story about a caterpillar that feels different from the others and worries that he is not good enough. His worries are as big as a giant elephant and he does not know how to get the elephant off his back. It's not until the Wise Grandmother Butterfly magically appears and cocoons Casey in her loving embrace that Casey can find a way to escape the elephant and see the beauty that has always lived inside of him. 
This book includes activities and important information and tips that help: 
•Strengthen bonds
• Quiet the mind
• Decrease worries
• Encourage empathy and kindness 
• Build confidence 
• Ignite greatness 
This multi-sensory story is powerful and engaging because it is a story the child can hear as well as "FEEL" This book encourages fun, creativity, and connection as you are both taken on this mindful, heartfelt journey.

Suggestions on how to do The BACK Story® that accompany Casey' Greatness Wings.

The hand movements are really intuitive, so go with whatever feels right or ask the child what they want you to do on their back. Most importantly, HAVE FUN!!!!!

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