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Dance/Movement Therapy

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Movement is the essence of humanity. We learn, feel, and relate to the world through our bodies. We communicate nonverbally everyday, and research indicates that early-childhood experiences are held within our nervous systems. Therefore, therapeutic interventions that focus on cognition and behavior alone are not always effective in addressing all that our hearts and bodies need. Dance/Movement Therapy (D/MT) uses movement as a developmental tool to connect with, assess, and process our experiences. Trust and safety are established with non-verbal attunement, rhythm, play, and repetition. Children's passions are used to highlight strengths and elicit meaningful metaphors and imagery. 


Dance/Movement Therapy can help children and families:

  • safely connect to their bodies and environment. 

  • develop self-awareness and empowerment.

  • enhance emotional awareness and expression.

  • learn strategies to calm and regulate their bodies.

  • develop impulse-control techniques.

  • mobilize coping capacities.

  • develop social resources for more authentic relationships.

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 "One of the boys shared that he feels less than human sometimes, and the others agreed with this sense of worthlessness. Little did they know that one day they would refer to themselves as heroes." - Amy Ruzic (see her YouTube video below.)

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