Suggestions on how to do The BACK Story® that accompany Casey' Greatness Wings.

The hand movements are really intuitive, so go with whatever feels right or ask the child what they want you to do on their back. Most importantly, HAVE FUN!!!!!

Casey's Greatness Wings Book

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Casey's Greatness Wings is magically conceived interactive experience of greatness that any child and parent will cherish. It will create beautiful experiences of connectedness again and again as well as allow your child the soft comforting wings of feeling cherished. I highly recommend this beautiful heartfelt book. ~Howard Glasser, creator of The Nurtured Heart Approach®


Practitioners and parents will love this book, which is so much more than a book. It is an interactive process that is perfect for increasing engagement and connection skills for children with ASD. It is also effective as a regulating/relaxation technique for children. I have been using this book in my professional work with children and families and have found great results.

~Robert Jason Grant Ed, .Founder of AutPlay®

So, we started out the year by talking about inner greatness and that I will be reading Casey in all the classroom. I have a Yoga Calm activity around the book as well. I made greatness sticks for all the teachers to have in the classroom. I plan on using the sticks each week when I do my check in with the classes. I am so lucky that I have a principal that is so supportive. We will be decorating the classroom I do Yoga Calm in with a greatness butterfly for every staff member and student. Casey's greatness wings has just really inspired me.I started using it last year in small groups, and the kids really responded to it. I work in a school that is very high poverty and trauma , but the kids are so resilient and the staff is amazing.~ L. Schultz, school counselor and therapist

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